Voices & Harps News

Welcome to the new Beo Records site. Hope we get to see you soon and keep an eye on what we’re up to (including new recording plans) here and on www.voicesandharps.com Happy to be here Moya & Cormac...

Moya Blog

Great to see you here on the new Beo Records site. At the moment I’m touring in Germany with my band but looking forward to seeing you soon somewhere else! Happy to be here Moya x

Colm blog

I’m really excited to be signed to Beo Records and especially looking forward to releasing my first album, ‘A Voice for the Urban Darlings’ Happy to be here Colm G

Aisling’s Blog

The last couple of years have been very exciting for me, not least having released my first album with Beo Records. I’m working on a new release at present but more of that soon… It’s great to be part of this label and looking forward to seeing it...